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Carr Boxing Gym

Carr Boxing Gym began by Ricky Carr, a man who fell in love with boxing at a young age when he learned it was more than just throwing punches, it was about the love of the sport and making something of yourself. Everyone here has a passion for boxing, but also a passion for the community. Carr is focused on making his gym a family, and bettering the lives of those they're connected to. So whether you're looking for Boxing Fitness or Self-Defense, we can't wait for you to join the family.


100% Results

Here at Carr Boxing, we pair you up with the right coach and training to make sure you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Workout Facility

Our Training

Our Training

Boxing Fitness

Boxing fitness is for anyone wanting to learn how to box or get in better shape. You will be taught technique all the while gaining strength, fitness, and coordination.

Beginners/Self Defense

This is our beginners class that deals with all the introductory techniques in boxing fitness. Here you will also learn self defense.


Our amateur/pro classes are for our seasoned athletes. If you choose to join our Pro class, you will officially be on the team and competing in boxing matches. 


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